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Mr. Pettinelli holds the role of Chief Operational Officer. In this role, Mr. Pettinelli is guiding Capview’s operations in real estate execution, strategic acquisitions, portfolio asset management, and property management. He has 12 years of experience in the institutional single-family rental (SFR) space including the execution of acquisition, development, stabilization, and management of approximately $1.4B SFR assets totaling approximately 12,000 homes.

Prior to joining Capview, Mr. Pettinelli founded Nautic Homes Group, developing proprietary technology and strategies for the underwriting and acquisition of SFR properties. Prior to Nautic, he held several leadership positions, including Head of Asset Management and Chief Financial Officer at Capaven, where he grew the portfolio of SFR properties by 1,700 homes with minimal increases in overhead through implementing best practices in operations and technology. Mr. Pettinelli was also instrumental in scaling Conrex from 20 homes to over 8,000 with $880 in AUM across 14 MSAs, adding 1,500 homes at Carolina One Real Estate, and 100 homes at Ashley River Property Management/Pett Investments. In these roles, he has led a 5,000-property refinancing and trimmed a portfolio of 1,500 homes to optimize the portfolio’s performance.  Mr. Pettinelli is married and has two children.